Learn the way to barbecue

Barbecue food is always preferred and loved over the daily cooked food that we eat. . That smoky grilled food tastes so yummy and irresistible.

Always choose a portable barbecue that would work on charcoal. Lets accept it, although charcoal type sounds tedious yet it is much better in taste compared to gas ones.

Now lets begin with the barbecue machine and equipment’s. Keep all of it ready and cleaned. It is always better to go through the manuals thoroughly so to know about the barbecue machine and the equipments that you are dealing with.

Next get the required amount of coal. Why coal? Then that’s because coal imparts better taste and flavour. Plus coal gets much hotter and reduces the cooking time for barbecue.

When you choose the meat or vegetables for barbecue, best is to choose thick pieces. The reason is that thick pieces get brown and crispy on the outside and juicy inside. You can also choose a barbecue sauce or spice rub whichever you feel best. Even a mixture of herbal spices would taste as awesome or even better then regular spice rub.

But before that use a marinade to apply the pieces half an hour before barbecue. Its always better to choose a sour marinade like yogurt which would compliment the taste with sauces or spices.

Remember that if you want more smoky flavour then keep the charcoal on one side of barbecue. And put the meat on the other side. Then close the lid. Keep matches handy to light.

Make use of cooking oil for grates. Choose the oil suitable for the type of food you will barbecue.

For flipping purpose use a pair of barbecue tongs. Don’t be under the impression that tongs would spoil the juicy flavour. It wont. Coz compared to puncture caused by tongs, the moistness is much more.

Now to guide through the flipping and finishing, make use of thermometer. Below is the heat guide to refer.

50 degree Celsius / 120 Fahrenheit = Rare.
55 degree Celsius / 130 Fahrenheit = Medium rare.
60 degree Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit = Medium.
65 degree Celsius / 150 Fahrenheit = Medium well.
70 degree Celsius / 160 Fahrenheit = Well done.

With the above guide you can always decide when to stop.

A barbecue spatula can be used for pressing the steak or for application to steak.

After you are done with the barbecue, keep the steak aside and allow it to rest for five minutes to ten minutes. That way it will taste even better.

Last but not the least, make use of simple kind of seasonings for good taste.

Don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher nearby. If things do get out of control then it would be a life saver.

Barbecue is best with family and friends. For a picnic or just weekends. At home in your backyard or on beach. It just gets out the chef in you and can make you have fun along with cooking which ain’t possible in

So what are you waiting for? Call every person you love and have fun barbecuing.